Purchase Copywriting Services

The copywriting services offered below are based on one time projects. You can come back and purchase services as you need them with no contracts or commitments. 

Package Tiers 1 & 2: We use your existing keyword research and notes as tools to improve your current on page content. 72 hour turn around.

Tier 1

$175 per line item
  • Optimize 5 existing on site product descriptions
  • Generate 5 new blog post ideas
  • Write 3-5 headline options for a blog or article
  • Write meta descriptions for 3-5 landing pages

Tier 2

$250 per line item
  • Optimize an existing blog post
  • Optimize Amazon product copy x3
  • Optimize Etsy product copy x3
  • Optimize landing page hero/banner copy

Want to Hire Us for Recurring Work?

If you need someone to write monthly blog posts or you plan on adding products in phases and need multiple product descriptions written per month, we would love to partner with you! Contact us to discuss the details of your project and we’ll provide you with a discounted quote for monthly deliverables.

Package Tiers 3 & 4: We handle the keyword research for you and deliver SEO optimized, CMS ready content to your inbox. Tier 3 items are typically delivered within 5 business days. Tier 4 items are typically delivered within 7-10 business days.

Tier 3

$475 per line item
  • Write a 500-750 word CMS ready blog post 
  • Optimize existing landing page copy up to 1500 words
  • Write 5 new product descriptions (est. 150-350 words each)

Tier 4

$910 per line item
  • Write new landing page copy (1 page, 500-1500 words)
  • Write 10 new product descriptions (est. 150-350 words each)
  • SEO review + recommendations for up to 3 pages**

Not seeing the copywriting project you need completed? No writing job is too big or too small for us! Fill out our contact form to tell us a little bit about your project and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a custom quote!