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Think of us as your on-call conversion copywriting and web content creation team. Ready to work whenever you need great content. We craft fully optimized web copy custom tailored to strike a chord with your customers.

Creative Web Copy Designed to Convert

We specialize in creating landing page copy, product descriptions, and blog content that is designed to engage your website visitors and sell your products. Not sure how to bring your small to medium sized business online?

Here’s how our copywriting services can help:

small business seo copywriting

SEO Landing Page Copywriting

We craft keyword driven content to help your  business gain visibility in search results. Fancy people call this SEO or search engine optimization.

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product description copywriting

Product Description Copywriting

Writing effective product listings for e-commerce websites, social media, & marketplaces is what gets us out of bed in the morning…well that, and coffee. 🙂

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web content consultations

Web Content Consultation Services

Is your existing web content and product copy in need of a refresh? We’ll take a look at your current content and come up with a revitalization plan for you! It’ll be like a day at the spa….sort of.

Rejuvenate My Copy!
social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Not feeling very social? We’ll create paid and organic social media marketing posts for you, so you can do other stuff, like run the rest of your company. It’s the least we can do.

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Client Driven Copywriting Services

When you work with us you can expect to receive custom content that fits your brand voice first, gives off the right vibes, and keeps your customer top-of-mind, always.
small business seo and copywriting service

Small Business Search Engine Optimization and Copywriting Services

Taking your small business from primarily brick and mortar and giving it an online presence can be daunting. But it’s also very exciting. When you go online, you open yourself up to an entirely new customer base. Your website becomes your front door and social media becomes the vessel through which your new “regulars” can interact with you and your business. But before you can reach all these new customers, there are some important actions that need to take place behind the scenes to create a successful e-commerce environment for your business.

For anyone attempting to sell products online, the most important sales tactic is search engine optimization (SEO).

Why is search optimization so important?

Because if customers can’t find you, they simply can’t shop in your store! Ignoring search engine optimization is like not having a sign on your storefront or listing the incorrect address for your business in a directory. Potential customers will simply pass by never knowing you’re there.

We specialize in creating quality website copy that provides actionable value to your readers & customers.

So, What is Search Engine Optimization?

In short, SEO is a combination of signals that tell search engines (like google) who you are, what you have to offer, and how potential customers can find you. Say for example, you’re a pet boutique in Wonderland, USA. When people in your area are looking for pet supplies, they might type something like “pet toy store near me” into their preferred search engine. The results they see will be pulled from similar keywords ( “pet toys” & “near me”) which will be found in the landing page content on related websites in their area.

Quality Web Content is Essential to SEO Success

Search engine optimization is not an exact science, and the methods used will vary depending on your business. It’s important to understand that no one can guarantee you the number one spot on page one. However, what we can say for sure is that quality website content is proven to give your business the best possible chance to show up on page one for search results.

We specialize in creating quality website content that provides value to your readers and potential customers. No shortcuts. And absolutely no black hat tactics like keyword stuffing (search engines hate those) – just well thought out, custom curated content that fits your brand voice first and keeps your customer in mind, always. Want to learn more about how our SEO Copywriting Services can help your small business? Click Here to Contact us!

product description copywriting

Product Description Conversion Copywriting and Marketplace Optimization

All too often we see product descriptions on ecommerce websites, social media posts, and marketplaces that are lacking in creativity and key details which are vital in helping potential buyers make a decision to purchase.

Incomplete and uninspired product descriptions will most likely lead to one of two things:

  1. Potential buyers going elsewhere instead of shopping with you
  2. Product returns or refund requests due to products not meeting expectations

Neither situation is ideal and both are completely avoidable. When bringing your products or services to the online world as a small (or big) business it is absolutely essential that you give readers an accurate description of the product or services you provide and plenty of photos to help them make an informed decision prior to completing a purchase.

Product descriptions require a careful balance of creative and technical writing in order to inspire and educate.

Sell More with Optimized Product Listings

We can help your small business thrive in the online marketplace by crafting product descriptions that will entice customers to make a purchase and move them along in the sales funnel. We do this by helping them visualize your product in their space or educating them on how your service can help to better their lives while also providing accurate specifications. This means more sales for you, less chance of returns or time consuming customer service inquiries, and more customers remaining loyal to your trusted brand.

If you’re within our local area of Greater Atlanta, GA. We may even be able to visit your location and help you with taking photos and gathering the necessary product specifics. Not in our local area? We can still help you too! Contact us today to find out more about our product description writing and marketplace listing optimization services!

Need a single writing job done quick?

For smaller projects, like a handful of product descriptions or an SEO friendly blog posts, we can have web-ready creative content to your inbox in 72 hours or less! Fill out our contact form with as many details about your project as possible and we’ll be in touch in less than 24 hours with a quote!
web content copywriting consultations

Web Content Copywriting Consultation Services

Many of our clients already have a website with some content in place. So when they come to us it’s because they feel their existing web copy is lacking in substance and not performing as they would expect. Lack luster, under-performing content is a common problem we see  when businesses go to bidding sites and content mills for their web writing projects.

While we understand that getting a good deal on a service is important for small businesses, knowing that you’ll be getting a return on that investment is equally, if not more, important. We’re not saying you can’t find good copywriters through these platforms, but it’s difficult and time consuming to weed out the inexperienced writers when the entire goal is to bid the lowest on the job in order to win it.

Professional copywriters won’t charge pennies for their services because they know how valuable their skills are to growth and they understand the direct correlation between ROI and quality copy. So the investment you make in hiring a professional copywriter to produce quality content today should ultimately pay for itself several times over in results.

Book a Web Content Consultation Today

If you’re concerned that the content currently on your website may not be working as hard for you as it should be, a web content consultation with us is a great place to start. During our web content and copywriting consultation, we can go through your entire website or just a few key pages and provide suggestions on user experience (UX), design, and on page content – all elements that play heavily into increasing conversions. You can purchase consultation services right away with one of our packages.If you have something specific in mind or you’re not finding what you need in our immediate purchase options, contact us here to receive a customized quote.

Using our suggestions from your consultation you can either choose to make website improvements on your own in house, or we can come up with an action plan and a quote to do the work for you. Either way, you’ll be one step closer to having on page content that works hard for you to make sure your business succeeds!

Do you need a website for your small business?

The first step to building an online presence for your small business is creating a website, especially if you want to sell your product or services online. Even if you plan to sell your products primarily on social media or you don’t want to sell products online at all, having a basic website is becoming increasingly important for small businesses in order to reach new customers in today’s technology driven world. For more information or to receive a customized quote for web design services, we invite you to visit our WordPress Web Development Partner: Two Tails Tech

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

As a small business owner you have a million tasks on your to-do list and only 24 hours in a day. And that’s only if you don’t sleep. With so many responsibilities and action items already on your agenda, the idea of coming up with creative and engaging social media posts is likely the last thing on your mind and rarely, if ever, a priority. But having a regular and reliable social media presence for your small business is incredibly important, especially when you want to sell products online.

You can connect with new and regular customers through social media to let them know important updates about your shop.  Answer customer service questions on social media or simply give followers a glimpse into your store from the comfort of their own homes. Just a little social action can go a long way in building a loyal customer base for your small business.

Connect Better with Customers

Social media is a great way to connect on a more intimate level with your virtual customer base. And when used right, it can also be an effective tool for selling products directly to consumers. We are not currently available to run the day to day customer service side of social media for your business. However, if you’re looking for a little help in creating posts and keeping your feed going, we can give you a boost! Below are a few ways we can help you market your products or services on social media.

  • Initial setup of social media accounts on platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Creation of organic and/or paid social media posts to engage with existing followers and attract new followers
  • Creation of product listings for sale through social media
  • Assistance in creating and implementing monthly schedules for social media posts

Contact Us to Receive a Customized Quote for Social Media Marketing Services

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Every day our world becomes increasingly more technology driven and shopping trends continue to shift online. As a result, I have found myself involved in countless conversations with business owners and friends about how time consuming it is trying to move their point of sales online and navigate the dynamic world of e-commerce and social media. With my background in online marketing and my intense passion for small businesses, I quickly realized that I could help make the transition to the online marketplace a smooth, and dare I say, fun experience for businesses and their employees. So, here we are!

I started InkBloom Creative as a way to use the skills and knowledge I’ve learned from 8+ years of working in copywriting and product marketing to help small to medium sized businesses of all kinds thrive online. I want us to become your go to resource for any and all web content and copywriting needs. But more than that, I hope you’ll come to view InkBloom as a friend and partner, working with you to grow your business and helping you to navigate the dynamic online marketplace – whatever you may need.

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